The real power of simplex castings limited is in its emphasis on to proper systems, structure of organization, standardization, skill development & strategies to be followed for sustainability. The organization takes care of social accountability, safety, health, environment, energy conservation etc.

Simplex castings has willingly adopted SA8000:2008 standard .The Simplex group with 40 years of existence has made enormous contribution to the society. It has generated direct & indirect employment opportunities in & around Bhilai for skilled, semiskilled & unskilled persons besides others with managerial potentials.

The company has provided golden opportunities to the entrepreneurs who have established their own industries & are supplying finished / semi finished items to the company. Besides vendors are being largely benefited. The company takes care of its employees & society in general by helping them to get proper education. The main driving force has been the dictum "We exist because society exists."

We do take care of our employees for their Safety, Health & of society by keeping environment pollution free as we give top priority in supplying green products to our Customers. Conservation of energy is an integral aspect of organizational culture. We are aware that the energy saved is energy produced. Thus Safety, Health, Environment & Energy conservation are our major concern.


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