Simplex Castings Ltd. takes pride in being the leader in quality castings which has received ISO 9001 registration from BSI. The company has developed elaborate quality control procedures keeping in view the corporate culture of supplying better quality than expected by the customer.

To achieve this goal, we employ world-class manufacturing techniques coupled with strict quality monitoring system. Quality emphasis is maintained throughout - from order entry to shipping and extending to customer service follow-up. Quality production procedures have been developed for each operation and numerous process controls are in place. Quality related capital expenditures are made annually to upgrade our overall casting process capability. Because what was acceptable in the past is not good enough today and what is acceptable today may not be good enough for tomorrow.

We also engage third party inspection agencies whenever so desired. It includes LLOYDS, PDIL, SGS, RAQW, MECON, TPL, QUEST, MORGAN, BUREAU VERITAS, etc.

Declared Quality Policy

"We at Simplex Castings Ltd. are committed to Market, Manufacture and supply of Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel & alloy Steel castings and Fabrication in unmachined, Machined & in assembled conditions that satisfy our customers in meeting their requirements.

Our employees are made aware of Customer's and other relevant requirements. They are sufficiently empowered & trained to fulfill their obligations in meeting these requirements. We are committed to improve continually.

Our quality objectives are established in line with our policy. We review our policy for it's continued suitability and update it as necessary."

Quality Assurance Plans

In order to produce castings of good quality, great emphasis is laid on the quality of not only the finished product but also on the material that go into the manufacture of a product. As per policy, Simplex Castings Ltd. conducts a high precision quality control procedure to check raw material, Mixed Sand, Moulds, Core making , Liquid Metal & final product.

Radiography test is performed wherever so desired by the customer. In fact a Cross-Functional Team comprising members from Quality, Development & Production continuously keeps vigilance on adherence of QAP.


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