Mini Steel Plant manufacturing Engineering Special Steel Castings. Equipped with DETEM Plant imported from Germany for Metal Refining by Vacuum Degassing method. Its single piece manufacturing capacity is up to 25 MT.

This foundry has sophisticated testing facilities Spectrometers, Hydrogen Analyzers, Cobalt X-ray Machines, Ultrasonic Testing equipment etc. This Unit is also equipped with many other facilities like Ladle refining Furnace, Arc Furnaces, Holding Furnace etc.

Products range includes:

  • Unalloyed plain carbon steel casting as per IS:1030 / ASTM A27.
  • Alloy steel casting as per IS:4522 / ASTM A-297
  • 1.5% Mn Steel Castings as per IS:2708 / BS 3100
  • Hi-tensile Steel Casting as per IS:2644 / ASTM A-148
  • Corrosion resistant steel castings as per IS:3444 / ASTM A-743
  • Ductile iron castings in D-2 grade as per IS:2749 / ASTM A-439
  • Stainless Steel Casting as per ASTM A-743; and so on.

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