Grey Iron Foundry having Induction and Cupola furnaces with an annual production capacity of 28000 MT. A world class Premier Foundry. 30% of its annual production is exported to different countries. It can make single piece of Grey Iron Castings weighing upto 45 MT, and capable of producing a wide spectrum of Cast Iron Castings like Heat Resistant, Acid Resistant, Hi-chrome, Wear Resistant, Compacted Graphite Iron Castings etc.

t has Green Sand Molding Line - ARPA 1300 Jolt Squeeze Machine with fixed box size of 1000 mmx1000mm and height 200-400 mm. Besides, it also have Hand Molding facilities , a large sophisticated Design setup, Pattern Shop, Annealing furnace, Machine Shop including CNC Machines, Fabrication shop, Assembly Shops, Sand Blasting & Shot Blasting Plants. Unit has modern testing laboratories equipped with spectrometers, Ultrasonic Testing facilities, modern physical lab, Micro structure testing machine, etc.

Products range includes:

  • Grey iron casting with strength of 250 N/mm2 single piece weighing up to 45 MT.
  • Grey iron castings with strength beyond 250 N/mm2 single piece weighing up to 5MT.
  • Alloyed cast iron including Ni-resistant/Hi-chrome up to a weight range of 8 MT.
  • S.G. Iron Castings in the grade of 400/12, 450/10, 500/7 and other special grades like Hi-Si-Mo, single piece weighing up to 6 MT and so on.

This Unit is specialized in manufacturing of World Class Leakproof Coke Oven Door Assembly and Ingot Moulds for Steel Plant. The unit has been exporting these products, across the globe. Division has well equipped Machine Shop & Fabrication Shop as detailed below:

Machine Shop

SCL has a large Machine Shop equipped with more than 100 Machine Tools including CNC Machines especially Automatic Floor Type Traveling Column Milling Centre with Heidenhain CNC Control, having Longitudinal Traverse "X" axis - 10000 mm, Vertical Traverse "Y" axis - 2800 mm and Cross Traverse "Z" axis - 1800 mm, for finish machining of jobs complicated with close accuracy at a high speed, precision and zero tolerance.

Fabrication Shop

SCL has a large Fabrication shop having approx. 3500 Sq. Mtr. Area with annual fabrication capacity of 4000 T to carry out technological fabrication works.

It is equipped with latest Plate Bending Machines, Welding Machines, TIG, MIG, Plasma Cutting Machine(Model: MESSER Omni Mat-T), Semiautomatic Submerged Arc Welding Machines, Welding Booms and Manipulators, , EOT cranes to handle single piece weighing upto 50 tons, etc.

Project Division

The division has desired infrastructure to undertake projects from concept to commissioning. It has experienced design engineers and project implementers stationed at Bhilai and Kolkata. We have supporting staff for monitoring and to take corrective actions based on stage wise progress. The division provides services after commissioning and the supply of necessary spares.


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