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Our team believes in developing new products in line with changing technology and requirements of customers. Monitoring the international market in the present scenario of changing economic condition, is in our ethics.


From the Desk of Chairman

Our emphasis is on newer initiatives towards enhancing our commitments to Social Responsibility are being put in practice to achieve inclusive growth in all the areas of our operations by our team.
I would like to express my deep gratitude to all our shareholders, employees, bankers, customers, suppliers, advisors and other associates for their continued support and best of their cooperation.

From the Desk of Managing Director

For Simplex Casting, nurturing the growth of our alliance is a core belief. We hold an ecosystem of dedicated employees, vehement technology associates, and professional vendors to meet the customers' needs.
Our relationship with our customers stretches past the formal engagement. The professional approach has constantly been to offer our customers value for their investment. To enable us to deliver on this promise of quality and value, we constantly converge on improving our competence.

Social Accountability

Social, Safety, Health, Environment, and Energy conservation

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Quarterly and Annualy declared financial reports.

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Our relationships with client companies of all sizes and geographies.


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